Ability Counts Team Wins League


It was a moment of eureka as the Ability Counts team of Dexters Sports wins league and defy all existing obstacles to make it to the People’s Cup Final scheduled to take place at St George’s Park. Since its establishment in 1975, Dexters Sports FC had been at the forefront of providing an out-of-school football development capacity to youngsters across the Poole area. It has also grown into becoming a recognised chartered standard club with Ability Counts and Walking Football teams. Ability Counts, in the word of the team manager Paul Kybert is “established on the basic conviction that to every disability lays a hidden and unexplored ability; and the recent and impressive performances from the team wouldn’t have vindicated this principle any better.”

The league winning Ability Counts team is composed of individuals with different challenges among which include down syndrome, cerebral palsy, aspergers, and partial blindness. Ability Count members are not only living beyond the constraint of their physical challenges, they also enjoy the bliss inherent in personal development and self fulfilment.  Ability Counts team has at its core the mission to help physically challenged individuals build their confidence, gain respect, enjoy freedom, build a career, and as well lay claim to achievements. Membership of Ability Counts is non-restrictive and it is open to individuals of different age grade and football playing ability. The Ability Counts team takes part in different kinds of competitions and is gradually establishing itself as a breeding ground for future successful paralympians. That no ability should waste and that every ability must count is the motivation upon which the Ability Count team won the league and also made its way through to St George’s Park for the Peoples Cup finals.

The Ability Counts League is in 4 different divisions and it offers adults with disabilities the opportunity to play for any club of their choice in monthly weekend fixtures. The league is open to individuals above the age of 16 and there is always a division into which every individual fits irrespective of their challenges. For more information on the ability counts team and to be a part of their life transforming football activities, visit http://www.dextersportsyfc.org.uk/ability-counts/.

The Ability Counts Team with the Dorset Ability Counts League Trophy.