iPRO Partners with Dexter Sports Tournament to Provide Healthy Hydration as Their #iPRODirectToYou Campaign Commences

iPRO is teaming up with Dexter Sports Tournament to supply healthy hydration to their sold-out 6-a-side football tournament. 

The 2-day event takes place on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of July in Poole, Dorset, and will see 110 teams playing (with each team having up to 10 players) and approximately 3000 people attending. Over the 2 days, iPRO will commence their #iPRODirectToYou campaign in an endeavour to support Grassroots Clubs that have been significantly affected by lockdown financially and have suffered a decrease in voluntary staff members to help support the growth of Clubs. 

UK Grassroot Clubs lost as many as 60 percent of their members during the pandemic, and 96 percent have seen a reduction in income. While Clubs were closed, bills, insurance, and grounds maintenance still had to be paid. iPRO will provide players and spectators with their range of healthy hydration drinks and a Team Hydration Pack worth over £200 for each winning team. iPRO will also donate stock to the Club, with 100% of all sales generated to go to the Club’s day-to-day running expenses.

iPRO is a leading brand in healthy hydration and the official hydration partner for multiple established sporting organisations worldwide. iPRO Hydrate – Sport Edition is a healthy hydration sports drink formulated using natural spring water and sweetened by plant-based Stevia extract. Available in four refreshing flavours (Berry Mix, Orange & Pineapple, Citrus Blend, and Mango), they’re caffeine-free and contain less than 3g of sugar per 100ml, substantiating them as low-sugar drinks suitable for every age group. 

Reinforcing their commitment to sustainability (and supporting the UK’s recycling infrastructure), iPRO Hydrate – Sport Edition’s product packaging is 100% recyclable. In 2022, iPRO endeavours to reach 75% recycled material packaging.

On the partnership, Dexter Sports FC Chairman, Darren Colarelli, said:

“Dexter Sports FC are delighted to be working with iPRO in delivering the best hydrational products at our annual festival football tournament. Delivering off the field is just as important as delivering on the field!”

iPRO Global Partnerships Director, Sophie Christy, adds to the announcement

“Dexter Sports Tournament is a fantastic event that provides the opportunity for young players to develop their skills and unlock their potential. We’re thrilled to be the hydration partner for this event, but even more so to initiate our #iPRODirectToYou campaign and support this Club through unfamiliar times. 

The importance of the #iPRODirectToYou campaign extends to the survival and sustainability of grassroots sport in the UK. Words can’t describe the impact lockdown has had on sport – on and off the field, so it’s important we pull together as a community to support and save our Grassroots Clubs.”

Remember, if you enjoy drinking iPRO Hydrate – Sport Edition this weekend, you can purchase your own healthy hydration at www.iPRO.Direct

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